Example22 (example22) wrote,

Musical Commandments

Thou Shalt Not...

...record a demo tape if you make Florence Foster Jenkins sound like Karen Carpenter (O Nightingale).

...record Maxwell's Silver Hammer under any circumstances, but particularly not if Jessica Mitford is singing it.

...release Christian propaganda in the form of earworms with ridiculous titles (Harry the Hamster sings the 10 Commandments: The Sabbath Song, which I've been humming for the last three days, dammit).

...play anything by Bach using only non-melodic instruments (Bach for Percussion).

(Via aprilwinchell.com, Music for Maniacs and Beware of the Blog.) The Bach percussion appears to be entirely Serious and Artistic, but personally I'd never have guessed it was Bach. Those who know their Bach better than I do (teaparty.net, are you there?), what do you reckon?
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